Customer’s situation

Biz Library is small co-working space in Osaka city(Japan).
You can work, study and talk with Japanese members.

One day one foreigner came there and contracted.
He is freelance worker and he needed to work place.
He said I want to speak Japanese but other co-working spaces people who didn’t talk with each other.

I think that others have big floors but Biz Library hasn’t. So our space members sometimes talk a lot, of course they concentrate their work or study too.

Foreign member is rare in Biz Library, so many Japanese members welcome foreigners.

He wrote about Biz Library.

His feedback

I spent six months working freelance in Osaka and needed a co-working space to use as a base. After trying out a few places, Biz Library was an easy choice. It’s smaller than most, but this gives it a much more friendly and less formal atmosphere. People are sociable, but also respectful when they see you need to get on with work, so you can have as much or as little interaction as you like.
Namiko-san* and Biz Library regular members were incredibly helpful, kind and shared a great sense of humour. BizLibrary was not only a productive place for me to work, but is now a home in Osaka that I look forward to going back to.
*Namiko is owner name

Biz Library’s information

  • You can work and study there.
  • If you want to speak Japanese, you can do it.
  • If you want to get along with other Japanese members maybe you can do it.
  • If you worry about Japanese I would like to help you.
  • A monthly fee is cheaper than others(5,800 yen/ month)

*You need an entrance fee(2,000 yen/one time)
*Business hour (except Monday): 1 pm – 9 pm,
Close: Monday/ day after holiday

I hope you are interested in the Biz Library.